We've Compiled a List of Research Web Site

We've compiled this collection of links as a resource for our staff to direct you to specific reference sources.

We organize them with numbers and titles. In our conversations with you, we will refer to web site numbers and sites to provide the best information we can find from the web.

Information for Realtors

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These web sites listed below are primarily a reference point for our staff to direct you to specific reference sources. We've organized them by number and title for easy reference during our conversations. The sites provide the best collection of information resources that we have found on the web.

  1. Mortgage Foreclosure Information
  2. US Government HUD
  3. Mortgage Fraud Blog
  4. Rent Information (Rent-o-Meter)
  5. Realtor.com
  6. For Sale by Owner.com Real Estate Listings for Sale by Owner
  7. Homes.com Homes for Sale, Real Estate & Rentals
  8. Homes by Owner.com Homes for Sale by Owner
  9. Trulia.com Real Estate, Homes for Sale, Apartments for Rent and Local Data
  10. Real Estate Portal to Home Sales by the US Government
  11. Harmon Homes Homes for Sale by Real Estate Professionals