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Our philosophy is to create partnerships with real estate professionals, allowing them to focus on their core industry principals, marketing and selling properties. Our mission is to assist our real estate partners with the time consuming and difficult task of navigating through the negotiations of the short sale process, using the resources and strength of dedicated highly engaged team of experts in their field of expertise.

Information for Realtors

Do you have properties listed that you cannot find buyers? Do you have properties that need repair and are impossible to find a loan? Do you have properties that keeping the buyers contracted through to the end of the short sale process is challenging? Have you tried to negotiate a short sale and it has taken the servicing agent months to respond? Let the Cambridge Group help you and your sellers navigate through this tedious exercise, freeing up your time to pursue your goals and objectives of helping more sellers and buyers.

Download our E-Book! Download the Top 4 BIGGEST Mistakes Real Estate Agents Make When Entering the Short Sale Market! Don't make the same mistakes your competition is making.

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Our group includes loan originators, underwriters and processors that have years of knowledge and experience that is essential to understanding the nuances in today’s lending environment. We believe that this experience is indispensible to successfully engineer both the listing agents and buyers agents through the difficulties of today’s lending environment.